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Konrad wants to control the future.

Konrad, a charismatic outsider, wanders an apocalyptic land known as The Province. Arriving at the town of Aln he installs himself as schoolmaster and gradually subverts the community's order. He succeeds in getting himself elected mayor, further feeding his appetite for power. Privacy is declared a sin, private property is abolished and polygamy implemented. The City is forced to send its army to get rid of him for good. But at his show-trial Konrad's mysterious manipulation produces an extraordinary outcome.

Set in a barren fantasy landscape, The Mayor of Aln combines elements both ancient and modern.

A strange, dark and amusing tale of moral manipulation and the cult of personality.

The Mayor of Aln is the first book in The Province Trilogy.

ISBN: (book) 978-1-4717-3534-9 (ebook) 978-1-4717-3561-5

the mastersingers Coming soon
The Mastersingers
Book two in The Province Trilogy

Cover illustration by Yaroslav Gerzhedovich

Published with the support of Moving Image Wales

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